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TV & campaign stills pitch

Director & photographer  Richard Hutchison 

Represented by MDRN LOVE

Combining my love for photography, light, colour, storytelling, drama and directing, over the last 5 years I have carved a space in the industry for myself as someone capable of successfully capturing stills and video simultaneously.

Working with brands such as Pandora Jewellery, Nyetimber English Sparkling Wine, Cobra Beer, Reiss Clothing, Mirabeau Wine and a few more... I have developed my skills in directing talent and beautifully capturing product.


Reading the script I was instantly excited by this project and knew how I'd approach it to create content that was beautiful, fun, tasteful and dramatic. To share a touch of what I had in mind I've shot some test content and shared it with you below along with some of my previous work.

I am lucky to be supported by an incredible team at my production company MDRN LOVE and we are very grateful for your consideration on this project.

Web Res--2.jpg

A photo of me that my mum likes.

Disclaimer: This is only a test shoot done with the equipment I own and meant as a proof of concept. I won't have got everything right but this is where I hope we can discuss your brand's vision for how you wish to be portrayed. Just had some fun in my flat to see where I got... it's a little bit messier than what I imagine for the actual ad, maybe less lasagne all over the face, but we all need a laugh! 

Something like this but waaaaayyyyy


Imagine this, but more... classy, refined, stylish, shiny, tasty and shot somewhere 100% more exciting than my flat.

Belazu test shot.

Stills a bit like this...

Swap the jumper for something a little smarter and turn the production up to 11

MDRN LOVE - Web Res - DSC03058.jpg
MDRN LOVE - Web Res - DSC03157.jpg

I also had the pleasure of shooting the original pitch shots...

MDRN LOVE - Web Res - DSC03119.jpg
MDRN LOVE - Web Res - DSC03158.jpg
MDRN LOVE - Web Res - DSC03202.jpg

Again, very quick test shots but good fun directing the lovely people of truant on how to look like it was the best olive of their life.

Previous relevant work